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IUB is always proud of its Alumni

This is for information of all concerned that the Independent University, Bangladesh has opened an Alumni Liaison Centre at the ground floor of IUB Academic block. The Alumni centre will invite Alumni visiting IUB campus for conducting grooming sessions and career guidance.

The following university officials who are also alumni of the University are available for responding to queries, if any from 3 pm to 7 pm from Sunday to Thursday.

1. Mr Ashraful Amin, Director, Council Affairs 01911789360
2. Ms Samina Kabir, Graduate Programme Officer 01713129672
3. Mr Humayun Kabir, Deputy Librarian
4. Ms Farjana Hafiz, Career Counselor 01711188547
5. Mr Md Ehsanul Haque, CITS 01713022444
6. Ms Priyanka Dey, Assistant Director, Admission Office 01729092777

Concerned University Officials
a. Mr A. H Lutful Hassan, Deputy Director, CGP 01552304775
b. Mr Kazi Faruque Ahmed, Deputy Director, DOSA 01711535454

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