This course is an undergraduate level introduction to qualitative research. Any student majoring or minoring in sociology can enroll for this course. The philosophy in this course is simple – learning by doing. In this course, students will learn to investigate the social world using a variety of qualitative approaches, such as case study, in-depth interviewing, or observation. Students will explore the principles underlying qualitative inquiry and acquire a general understanding of the theoretical positions that underlie qualitative methodology. Through lectures, readings, and hands-on research activities, students will explore different ways of investigating the social world in a scientific but non-statistical way that gives voice to the people we are studying. The ultimate goal is to let students experience the ways that qualitative sociologists do research. We will therefore emphasize applied aspects of qualitative research. Students will undertake a pilot research study as part of the course assessment requirements and as a mean of trying out their research conceptualizing and data collection skill. However, to use any of these methods well would require further concentrated study.